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About Fin Jopson and his training methods:

Fin has worked for and learned from a number of highly successful Olympic dressage riders and top trainers and breeders, including Emile Faurie,  Peter Storr,  Tristan Tucker, Bert Rutten, Adelinde Cornelissen, and competes his own dressage horses.

Fin combines the principles of horsemanship, classical and modern dressage to bring you a highly effective training system that is applicable to all equestrian disciplines.

A sport horse only performs at its best when it is relaxed. Stress triggers tension and their natural flight instinct. Fin communicates with horses using a question and response technique that encourages horses to relax, so they can trust and work with the rider to perform in challenging situations.

In Fin’s lessons and clinics, you can learn to communicate with your horse through body position, groundwork and response training to build relaxation, suppleness and trust. You will then translate this into the saddle for improved performance for both horse and rider.

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